Saturday, September 5, 2015

Nifty Shades Of Gray

  I'm getting older.  And by older I mean that I am no longer 20, although in my mind I still feel that way.  I can't go clubbing four nights a week anymore and, honestly, I would not want to because there is far more life to discover than that.  Well, sometimes. Laughter and my nieces and nephews provide much more fun.  Travel, dinners, food, art, fashion, wine, books, swimming, cycling, yoga, coffee houses, and photography and writing occupy my time.  That and political discussions with people who differ from me which is easy because I differ from everyone.  I am quite opinionated.  I can't kiss ass and am very intolerant of people who do.

  I love documentaries, reading odd books and listening to music that may never be popular with anyone.  It's the curse of the creatively-driven.  I have never identified with the competition of people my age.

  I think that food is one of the top things that defines a lifestyle.  We are what what we eat.  And then, fashion.  Whether or not you like it, or know it, how you look is what you are.  I work with lots of brilliant people who do not care about how they look, most of the time.  I like them.  They talk about ideas, not news or gossip. Others, well, they conform.

  For the past two months I've been working with a designer and coach who is young but wise beyond his years.  It's not about a brand, or selling anything or competing but a discovery: a look for the rest of my life.  A very welcome change.  I LOVE getting older, despite all the aches and pains.  And I am quite ready to be weird and older and wonderful and wise and laughing all the way.